Flexible vehicle routing with different types of jobs

Posted 27 Jun 2021

ODL Live can plan efficient vehicle routes with many different types of jobs. The main types are:

  1. Single stop jobs A single location that needs serving. Model deliveries from a central depot, pickups returning to depot, field service management.

  2. Pickup-delivery jobs Pickup from one location and deliver to another. Model on-demand deliveries, taxi services, depot reloading mid-route.

  3. Alternative jobs Choose most efficient version of the job – e.g. select one of several possible pickup locations for a pickup-delivery. Imagine an on-demand delivery scenario for products available for pickup in multiple stores - e.g. groceries, drinks, medicines. With alternative jobs you can pick up the order from the location that’s most on-the-way (which is not always the closest to the customer).

  4. Custom jobs Jobs with many stops and flexible ordering constraints – e.g. one pickup, multiple drop-off jobs. With custom jobs, instead of just defining a delivery job as ‘pickup from location A, deliver to location B’, you can define many-stop jobs like ‘pickup from location A, deliver to locations B, C and D’, or ‘pickup from A, B, C, then deliver to D’, or even ‘visit A, B, C in that order, then visit X, Y, Z in the most efficient order’.