E-commerce 2-hour delivery routing simulation

Posted 01 Oct 2020

This video shows the ODL Live realtime route optimiser engine coupled with its simulator module, running a same-day e-commerce delivery scenario.

Jobs are delivered on-demand, with a target delivery time within 1, 2 or 3 hours of ordering.

Supermarket food deliveries can’t be on-board more than 30 minutes but deliveries from pharmacies, clothes stores, off-licences, stationers etc. have no limit on-board time limit (provided they’re delivered on-time). In the simulation, 1000 jobs from 25 stores are delivered by a fleet of 50 vehicles over an afternoon and early evening.

The optimiser automatically batches orders at the same pickup locations and stacks orders on-board a vehicle, creating efficient routes. In the route plan on the right, you can see drivers commonly have multiple consecutive pickups at the same store. At the bottom of the route plan we show pre-dispatch stops (in italics); these are constantly replanned by the optimiser as circumstances change.

The optimiser dispatches jobs to drivers and determines the sequence of stops. The simulator creates new jobs, simulates driver movements and generates the video output, i.e. it simulates your existing IT system, drivers and real-world customers all connected up to the ODL Live optimiser.

ODL Studio screenshots

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